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It's so good, you'll use less to get better results and improve your infields permanently.


New PlayBall infield conditioner makes your job a lot easier:

 1, It soaks water like a thirsty sponge to make wet fields playable fast!

 2, Just add it once-it keeps working

 3, Increases infield water infiltration to help cure poor drainage conditions

 4, Helps create the firm, resilient playing surface baseball and softball players love.

 5, Lighter bags for easier handling


New PlayBall keeps on working to absorb excess water

  When you apply new PlayBall Infield Conditioner, you're making a lasting improvement to your infields. Not only is it highly absorbent, it's kiln-fired at very high temperatures, making it strong enough to keep on working season after season. Over time you'll use less because PlayBall resists breaking down and turning to dust and mud.


Lightweight bags are easier on the back

   Now you can carry less weight into the field to do the same job. PlayBall Infield Conditioner comes in 25 pound bags for easier handling, about half the weight of traditional conditioners. The  lighter package helps reduce the potential for back injury.

   PlayBall is surprisingly lightweight


A new kind of material that is ideal for infield conditioning

   PlayBall is made from calcined (kiln-fired) diatomaceous earth, DE for short. Calcined DE is one of the world's most highly absorbent minerals. It is lightweight, hard, and absorbent like a thirsty sponge, holding up the 130% of its weight in water. Yet, because it's calcined, PlayBall is strong enough to resist compaction and crushing under foot, and is known to hold up for decades without breaking down.


PlayBall works on "Diamond-of-the-year"

   Sports TURF Magazine's Municipal Diamond-of-the-year in Boardman, Ohio features PlayBall on the infield to create ideal playing conditions.

   "PlayBall gives us the best results in all types of weather. We can start games twice as fast following rain because it absorbs more water and supports tractors without turning to mud. Crews like how it mixes in better than other conditioners, and players love the way it feels."  

                       --------Jim Puballa, Consultant of Sportscape, International


How to apply PlayBall Infield Conditioner

   PlayBall mixes very easily with existing infield mix and incorporates uniformly. The open pore stricture of PlayBall particles means that, despite its lighter weight, it resists washing out, and tends to stay where you put it even in heavy rain.

   PlayBall comes in two types:

   Regular for general conditioning.

   Fine for puddle control


For general infield conditioning

   Apply 625 lbs. of PlayBall Regular per 1000 sq.ft. This rate equals 10% by volume, tilled 3' deep. Place bags evenly on infield, open bags, and spread PlayBall over the infield area. Rake out as uniformly as possible, and incorporate with a nail drag or by rototilling. Follow up with a drag mat and a roller if necessary. You will have fewer rainouts, more playable conditions, easier grooming, less compaction, and better dust control.


For effective puddle control

   Apply PlayBall Fine until the puddle is absorbed Incorporate with an infield rake or drag mat. One 25 lb. bag of PlayBall Fine, about a cubic foot, absorbs about 4 gallons of excess water.


For new constuction, renovation

   Apply 900 lbs. of PlayBall Regular per 1000 sq.ft. tilled 4' deep. For the best results, apply 1300 lbs. of PlayBall Regular per 1000 sq.ft. tilled 6' deep. Incorporate into existing infields by rototilling. Follow up with a drag mat and a roller. For new construction, PlayBall Regular can be blended into the infield soil mix by soil suppliers, hauled to the jobsite, and spread to grade. When mixing, use 70 lbs. per cubic yard to achieve the standard rate of 10% by volume.


How much PlayBall do you need?

   These are general guidelines. Requirements may vary according to field conditions.

   Half ton

   To treat puddle-prone spots around bases, pitcher's mound, 1st and 3rd base paths, and home plate, you'll need 40 bags of PlayBall Fine.

   One ton

   To improve drainage for a larger area around home plate, infield playing positions, and base paths, you'll need 80 bags of PlayBall Regular.

   One and a half ton

   To condition an entire skinned area on a regulation sized field, you’ll need 120 bags of PlayBall Regular.

   Put PlayBall to work for you. You'll save a lot of labor and handling, and have a better field to show for it.

   To improve turf areas, AXIS Soil Amendment is recommended.


New Playball makes it easier for you to create an ideal playing surface:

  1, Makes wet fields playable fast

  2, Lighter bags for easier handling

  3, Once applied, it keeps on working

  4, Helps create a smooth, resilient surface

  5, Reduces compaction, increases infiltration

  6, Mixes easily and uniformly

  7, Two kinds-one for general conditioning, one especially effective for drying for puddles

  PlayBall is your best choice for better playing conditions and easier maintenance.


Two kinds of PlayBall to make your infields better fast

  These photos show the color of the PlayBall when moist, and the actual size of granules.

  For improved drainage, general conditioning water absorption 90%. Bulk density 26 lbs./cu.ft.

  For fast, long lasting puddle control Water absorption 130%. Bulk density 27 lbs./cu.ft. 

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