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     LEEO Specialty Chemicals, established in 2000, has been devoted to developing multiple businesses in the specialty chemical field, and has achieved an outstanding record.  Since China joined the WTO, products our company represents have been developing healthily, steadily and rapidly, and our product and service programs have been expanding widely in the chemical business. We are the general agency of all the specialty chemical products of the US-based Eaglepicher, the Saudi Arabia-based Cristal, the Norway-based Nordox, and the German-based Henkel.


     The company is located in the beautiful, prosperous port city of Ningbo.  Neighboring Shanghai, Ningbo has become one of the major cities of the Changjiang Triangle Area, with convenient transportation.  We have established advantageous transportation, storage, sales and service systems in East, Central and North China. We hold product application seminars regularly, where experts from overseas factories provide technical services.